eerie: so mysterious, strange, or unexpected as to send a chill up the spine. a coyote's eerie howl. the similarities were eerie. also : seemingly not of earthly origin. the flames cast an eerie glow


human i know

the art of not asking why - my partner's thoughts

mental health

soft heart clinic's blanket fort - crisis activities; how to soothe an overwhelmed nervous system

web inspo

desert jaguar - soft and personal

clownfred - get clown'd

solaria - love when a personal website is so bold, you can hear the person, it pronounces them.

hillhouse - spooky kawaii is everything to me

keys klubhouse - intimate personal website with pixel challenges

irene's house - i like websites that take their time, where each section is a stand-alone decent example of enjoying the design and writing process of making a web page

pomelo - aesthetic, interesting website. like the idea of creating my own status/twitter page.

melonking - really fun, sprawling personal site that's also great to listen to

vivarism - such a cute, clean aesthetic on this thoughtful, personal website

bikobatanari - i like personal websites where the psyche is all over the website's materials

pib - cute way to display collections!

ne0nbandit - i love a playful commitment to aesthetic

free themes

repth - theme - multiple layouts available

pomelo - theme - multiple layouts available

life inspo

plastic dino's dino park page - really great way to look at life

cloudworld's garden - save the bees


oudkee - music - there are a lot of interesting web pages on this site, but have to link to the chiptunes V

birdfriend's martha shrine - interesting story about the last passenger pigeon -- violent content warnings

fairy hillock fantasy shrine - would like to read through this when i'm less tired, seems potent


plastic dino's neocities shrine - meta memes that really hit

buffy the vampire slayer fansites - the first BTVS fan site i bumped into on neocities!